makes and sells top quality industrial electronic equipment. We have delivered a proven range of process control instruments to all industries in Australia since 1993. With a large product mix and stock-holding, we provide application information, backup service and repair facilities.
CALOG calibrators by Instrotech are a range of rugged, portable, precision units for the calibration of mA Loops, RTD's, Thermocouples, Pressure, Weighing systems and Load Cell Testing. With key-per-digit and logging functions CALOG are great value instrument calibrators. ... read more
Instrotech has designed and manufactured weighing electronics for over 35 years. The range includes Field and Panel mount load cell transmitters, belt weighers, dynamometers, loss-in-weight feeders, bag-fillers, through-put weighers, axle weighers and batch controllers. ... read more
A wide range of panel meters for process, temperature, frequency, counting, quadrature, time, serial, parallel, load cell, dynamometer and belt weigher applications, with many hardware and software options. Large Digit displays are made to suit all input types. ... read more
Instrotech supplies a large range of aluminium, plated steel, coated steel and stainless steel load cells and mount sets, some of which are detailed on this website. Popular models of beams, single-point, compression and universal S-type load cells are kept in stock... read more

Instrotech manufactures a range of transmitters in rail-mount, head-mount and field-mount housings. Isolated Universal Programmable Transmitters are made in versions for process, temperature, load cell, frequency, serial, high current and high voltage inputs.  ... read more
Instrotech makes liquid level gauges for use in vehicle and stationary tanks. These fully digital self-checking systems have no moving or corrosive parts. The solid-state tank sensors may be calibrated for water, diesel and Class A or Class B fire fighting foam concentrates.  ... read more

Rallytime GPS ((TR)) transmitter receiver motor sport timers and loggers link by wireless to marshal control points and SafeTrack in-car units. SafeTrack is GPRS/GSM enabled for live GPS position web tracking with radio links between cars for competitor safety. ... read more

EnviroPro® are robust encapsulated Moisture, Temperature and Salinity sensors with a 5-year warranty. SDI-12 version 1.3 compliant EnviroPro® soil probes have been providing reliable and repeatable soil parameter readings since 2002. ... read more

Instrotech has made acoustic boiler tube steam leak detection systems for large coal-fired power stations since 1984. Using up to 32 special sensors around the boiler for early warning and localisation of tube leaks, INSPECTA FFT systems are fitted to units worldwide. ... read more

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