Load cell testing and system calibration
Instrotech mA loop calibrator
mA loop calibrator
Pressure and mA loop calibrator
Multifunction temperature calibrator
CALOG calibrators are rugged, hand-held, precision units for the calibration of mA Loops, Thermocouples, RTD's and Pressure. The unique Load Cell version is used for load cell evaluation, insulation testing and weighing system field calibration.

All models feature real-time clocks, data-logging to SD cards and data downloading via USB, user-profiled function capabilities and graphic displays. CALOG models offer a range of functions, such as Source and Measure, display of actual value, percentage, trend logging, increment, auto step, auto ramp and valve stroking. With transmitter excitation built-in, Calog Calibrators are designed for use with sensors, transmitters, PLC's and SCADA systems.

The user-friendly 'key-per-digit' function simplifies numeric selection by means of five individual up/down keys. On-board diagrams show the terminations so help is always available for the correct connection of the plug-in test leads. The built-in rechargeable batteries with fuel-gauge chip technology allow continuous measurement for up to 20 hours with an accurate display of battery condition.

CALOG calibrators have UL94 V-O flame retardant ABS plastic housings with an IP54 dust and splash proof rating in a robust package design. Each unit is supplied with a durable non-slip rubber boot, carry case, test leads and plug-pack battery charger. The LCD graphics display is user selectable between measured value or trend graph with programmable time base. The 2-year factory warranty and ease of re-calibration by an authorised lab or user make CALOG the ideal choice in portable instrumentation calibrators at realistic prices.

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