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Timing Clocks, Systems and Safety Trackers

Rallytime GPS ((TR))
is a global positioning system time synchronised rally timing clock and results logger. This is the fourth generation of the long-running Rallytime series of rally clocks with more than 30 years of rally timing experience and equipment manufacture. All clocks deployed at a rally are synchronised to the same timebase signal from GPS satellites making for the highest precision car rally timing.

Rallytime GPS ((TR)) clocks work in conjunction with many peripheral devices including ultrasonic jump-start beams, hand-held remote stop push buttons, countdown displays, master time displays and microwave flying finish beams.

Rallytime clocks and loggers are rugged units with rubber protective boots, alphanumeric keypads, simple to follow menus and SD card results download functionality. The ((TR)) transmit/receive RF facility allows for radio communications between the Flying Finish and Stop Controls, as well as communicating data between control points and cars fitted with Rallytime SafeTrack.

GPS positioning and timebase
  • GPS time-synchronised internal clock
  • Accuracy of 10 millisecond
  • Resolution of 1 millisecond
  • Displays and logs longitude and latitude of each control position
  • Selectable HH MM SS or HH MM.00 time display
Timing System
  • Stage Start, Flying Finish, End/Stop, plus 6 other Control types
  • 'Hands-free' Flying Finish when transmit/receive beams are used
  • Bidirectional radio links between Flying Finish and End/Stop controls
  • End/Stop displays the Flying Finish time and each competitor's Stage Time
  • 'Rally Time' large display function for Parc Ferme, Service Parks and Time Controls
  • Selectable whole, tenths or hundredths of a second timing (1, 0.1 or 0.01 seconds)
  • Stores up to 2,000 car numbers with times in permanent flash memory
  • Stores up to 53 controls and 250 car classes in permanent flash memory
  • Logs cars by number or number and class, marshal selectable
  • Selectable numeric or alphanumeric competitor identification
  • DSub-15 interface for multiple input and output devices
  • Small, rugged, hand-held with a protective rubber cover
  • 128 x 64 pixel graphic display with back-lighting
  • Li-ion battery pack and charger supplied
  • About 8 hours battery run-time and 5 hour recharge time
  • Configurable to any world time zone with UTC offset
  • Active GPS antenna and RF antenna as standard
  • SD card slot for downloading all stored data in CSV format
  • 2-digit IP65 countdown display with ultra-bright sunlight viewable LED's for Stage Start
  • 6-digit Master Clock, Flying Finish and Stage Time displays (HH MM SS or MM SS .S or MM SS .SS)
  • Remote start/stop push-button for manual Jump Start or Flying Finish timing
  • Ultrasonic beam for Jump Start timing within 5 seconds of allocated Start Time
  • Microwave transmit/receive FF beams for use in hostile environmental rally conditions
Car Rally Stage Start Countdown Time Display
Stage Start Countdown Display flashes minutes, counts seconds
Car rally jumpstart ultrasonic beam
Jump Start timing is activated within 5 seconds of Start Time
Motor rally timer and logger, Rallytime GPS ((TR))
Motor rally timer and logger, GPS based time synchronisation with wireless communications
'Rally Time', Stage End FF and Stage Time displays
'Rally Time', Stage End FF and Stage Time displays


Rallytime SafeTrack
is a safety tracking system and timing data transmitter mounted in rally cars. Safety is a priority in any sport and rallying is certainly no exception. The Rallytime SafeTrack On Board is a compact dashboard-mounted unit with GPS for location, GSM/GPRS for real-time connection to a webserver, RF for local communications and an LCD display, showing stage information for co-drivers. The keypad push-buttons are used for driver and co-driver safety responses. For automated timing results SafeTrack units are used in conjunction with Rallytime GPS ((TR)) rally timing clocks.

In an emergency, competitors press the red + button and an emergency signal with time and GPS location is sent via GSM/GPRS networks to Rally HQ and Officials. This emergency signal is also transmitted via radio link (RF) to nearby following competitors as the next car is normally the first on scene. Competitors ahead of the car in an emergency or competitors in another stage will not receive this emergency signal. The GPS facility monitors the car's progress and should it stop for longer than 30 seconds in a rally stage without the green OK button being pressed it will sound audible and visual alarms via a siren and red LED. If OK is still not pressed after a further 30 seconds the SafeTrack will send out an emergency SMS with the number and GPS location of the car.

While in rally stages, car locations are continuously monitored and their positions can be shown in near real-time over the internet on the SafeServer website. This allows officials to monitor the locations of competitors and to check that vehicles are following the correct route. When in a timing control zone, SafeTrack is connected via RF radio communications to the Rallytime GPS ((TR)) clocks in order to identify the car number to a control point and receive Start Time and Jump Start penalty information. SafeTrack, with it's GSM/GPRS data transmission, relays this information to the Rally Head Quarters for timing and car route location in real time.

All data stored in the Rallytime GPS ((TR)) clock and the SafeTrack unit during an event is available to download via the Rallytime SD card slot in CSV format. To ensure quick and efficient timing transmission and data reliability to the SafeServer and in turn to Rally HQ, every car transmits it's own times and the times of all competitors ahead of it. If no GSM/GPRS connection is available the data is stored until the car is in an area where the signal strength is sufficient to transmit the data. SIM cards from 2 different service providers may also be used in order to alternate transmission of data to the SafeServer and Rally HQ.

Tracking Features and Functions
  • SET button is used by Scrutineer to enter the Car Number by radio from a Rallytime GPS ((TR))
  • Tracking starts automatically once a car is 100m past the Stage Start control point
  • Manual Emergency Tracking may be started by pressing the START button for 3 seconds
  • If a car stops in a Special Stage a competitor must press the GREEN OK button
  • Tracking re-starts automatically if a stopped car moves again within 10 minutes
  • If a car is stationary for 10 minutes and OK is not pressed, the in-car alarms will activate
  • If OK is still not pressed after 30 seconds, SafeTrack sends an emergency SMS with car and co-ordinates
  • Emergency Mode is automatically cancelled if a stopped car moves again within 10 minutes
  • Pressing the RED + button activates Emergency Mode RF and GPRS transmissions immediately
  • For safety, SafeTrack cannot be switched off when connected to the bracket harness and car battery
  • Open Section Emergency Tracking may be stopped by pressing the END button for 3 seconds

Timing Features and Functions
  • When not in a Stage, SafeTrack continuously displays Car Number, Time and GPS position
  • In the Start zone, SafeTrack displays Stage Number with Countdown Time by RF from Rallytime Start clock
  • At the car's Start Time, SafeTrack displays Car Number, Time and Jump Start seconds, if any, by RF
  • In a Stage, SafeTrack displays Stage Number, Time, Speed, Distance travelled and GPS position
  • The Stage End Control Rallytime receives the Flying Finish time by RF from the remote FF Control
  • The Stage End Control marshal enters the car number into the local End/Stop Control Rallytime clock
  • By RF, SafeTrack transmits Start Time and Jump Start, if any, for that Car Number to the local Rallytime
  • By GPRS, SafeTrack transmits GPS position, Stage and all Times for that Car Number to the Results webserver
  • By RF, SafeTrack displays Stage Number, Start Time, End Time, Stage Time and Jump Start, if any, on board

Records Jump Start seconds within 5 seconds of Start Time
Stage Time with Jump seconds MM SS .SJ (J=Jump sec's, if any)

Some typical web-server examples:
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