Displacement Transmitter

Model LCT-2-FDL 
‚Äčis a displacement transmitter used for either Level or Density or Interface in liquids and slurries. It is a field mounted transmitter with mA or Volts output proportional to the change in level or SG. With many thousands of units installed, the FDL transmitter has proved to be a reliable, robust and low maintenance unit in harsh environments.

Applications include flotation level in mining, oil-water type interfaces, and density measurement in settlers. The unit is simple to install and set up with the transmitter housing being fitted to a vertical surface or pipe and the liquid probe height being adjusted by means of the suspension cable.

  • Level and interface measurement with PTFE probes
  • Density measurement with a ballasted stainless probe
  • Ignores foam on surfaces of liquids
  • Optional local LCD display
  • Analogue output, mA or Volts
  • Selectable 110/120 or 220/240 VAC auxiliary supply

Displacement transmitter, LCT-2-FDL
Level, interface and density transmitter
Level or Density or Interface Transmitter for liquids and slurries, AC auxiliary supply
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