Model 5014      Dynamometer - Panel Mount
Model 6004MF  Dynamometer - Field Mount

Model 5014 is a self-contained, easy-to-use indicator for dynamometer applications. All the features of more expensive systems are included in one indicator. The indicator features a full 5½ digit LED display (-199999 to 199999). Inputs to the instrument include load cell input and proximity sensor or encoder input. Excitation for load cells is supplied as is a DC supply for the proximity switch or encoder. The stable bridge excitation output voltage includes sense feedback to compensate for line variations. The precision differential instrumentation opamp front end ensures high stability and accuracy for millivolt inputs from the load cells in the dynamometer system.

Options include analog output for external power indication or control, up to four alarms, RS232 or RS485 communications and many others. The calibration method is simple and easy. Pre-calibrated ranges can be allocated zero and full scale values and these can be adjusted on site to allow for back-balance (deadweight) offset and single point span calibration (test weight trim). This instrument meets CE and C-Tick EMC and EMI and Low Voltage directives.

  • DIN 48 x 96 enclosure, 147mm deep
  • -199999 to 199999 counts display
  • 14.2mm high bright red LED display
  • Low cost - high performance design
  • Touch button ranging and setpoint adjustment
  • 10 V (-5V to +5V) load cell excitation with sense feedback included as standard
  • Excitation power for up to three load cells standard
  • 18 - 24 V power supply for shaft encoders included as standard
  • Flow rate analog output option with programmable zero and span
  • RS232 or RS485 communications option
Panel mount Belt Weigher
5½ digit LED self-contained Dynamometer display with load cell and encoder / sensor excitation
For all input and output options, hardware and firmware functions,
6-digit LED self-contained Dynamometer display with load cell and encoder / sensor excitation

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Model 6004BW
Complete field-mount IP65 Belt Weigher

Model 6004LC
Load cell IP65 indicator transmitter


Model 6004MF is a unique multi-function weighing transmitter and indicator. The operating mode is user-selectable for a variety of weighing, packing and materials handling applications. This instrument incorporates the latest 60MHz 32-bit ARM7 micro-controller to handle the different application programs and includes an SD card firmware boot-loader upgrade function.

  • Load cell transmitter
  • Belt weigher
  • Loss-in-weight feeder
  • Throughput weigher
  • Bag filler
  • Batch weigher
  • Dynamometer
  • Axle weigher

The alphanumeric keypad allows users to enter tag numbers, calibration date, technician's name, and a host of other options. Relays may be configured as on/off, annunciators, fault or pulse counting outputs, with hysteresis and time delays. The 4 function buttons may be configured to toggle displays or to change or accept alarms. This unit incorporates PI control to allow the output to be used directly for load cell control or flow rate control. A useful feature is the simulator, which allows belt speed, analogue output and relay control to be simulated during system commissioning. A 15-point lineariser, min/max display hold, preset tare and auto-zero maintenance are all user selectable and programmable. The many functions, digital inputs and optional methods of setup are fully explained in the comprehensive operating manual.

  • Rugged, compact, IP65 / NEMA 4 / UL Type 4 housing
  • Fully programmable from the front keypad
  • 10V, 5V and 3.3V load cell excitation with 6-wire sense
  • 6-digit main display with user-selectable function
  • 20mm clear high-bright red LED digits
  • LCD backlit screen with 4 lines of user-selectable data
  • 4 user-selectable short-cut function keys
  • Isolated programmable analogue output as standard
  • PI control and 15-point lineariser as standard
  • Power supply for shaft encoders or sensors included
  • USB port included as standard
  • 6 user-selectable digital inputs included as standard
  • Real-time clock with date included as standard
  • 1 solid-state and 5 change-over relays included
  • SD card slot for firmware and datalogging
  • RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet interface options
  • Optional GPS for vehicle applications
  • 90-260V AC/DC or 10-30V DC auxiliary power supply
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