Headmount Transmitters

Models HMMV, HMPO, HMPT and HMTC are fully analogue 2-wire ‘hockey puck’ transmitters for in-head mounting.

These low cost, high accuracy transmitters offer good stability and ease of setting. Inputs types may be PT100 RTD's, thermocouple types J, K or T, millivolts or potentiometers. Coarse span selection is made by solder links and fine trim by top accessed multi-turn potentiometers.


  • 2-wire loop powered
  • 9-35V DC supply
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Upscale and Downscale burnout available
  • Low profile, 20mm high overall
  • Robust screw terminals
  • Fully encapsulated
  • Optional DIN rail mounting clip
  • 3 year warranty

Model HMPO for Potentiometers

Model HMPT for PT100 RTD's

Model HMTC for Thermocouples

Model HMMV for Millivolts

In head mount transmitter
PT100, Tc, mV, Potentiometer to 4-20mA transmitter
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