Rail-mounting Tank Level Systems

Model 1684-DIN

Instrotech Tank Level Systems are used in Diesel and Water tanks for level indication and control.  Model 1684-DIN systems comprise capacitive tank mounted Sensors and remote rail mounted Controllers.  The Controllers have 10-point LED Bar Graphs for level indication and 6 Relay Outputs for level control.

The solid state Sensors have no moving or corrosive parts and are fully encapsulated.  With the Sensors programmed to suit the relevant Water or Diesel media, Instrotech rail mount Tank Level Systems indicate liquid levels in 10% steps as well as providing multiple high and low level switching outputs.
Capacitive tank level sensor Model 1684
Liquid tank level sensor
Rail mount liquid level controller
Rail mount Model 1684 controller
  • For use in Diesel and Water
  • No floats or moving parts
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • Self-integrity checking
  • 10-point LED bar graph level display
  • Easy to fit to new or existing tanks
  • 25mm / 1" BSP male Sensor thread
  • Fully encapsulated tank Sensor
  • 6 relay outputs for level control
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • AC or DC auxiliary supply versions
Order codes and power supply options:

Model 1684-DIN - XXX - D or W - H or L
  • XXX = tank Sensor length in cm
  • D = Diesel media
  • W = Water media
  • H = 80-264 V AC auxiliary supply
  • L = 12-30 V AC or DC auxiliary supply

1684-DIN rail mount tank level system

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