mA, mV, V, Tc, RTD, Rate, Potentiometer
Instrotech Universal Programmable Transmitters are smart rail-mount units for Process, Temperature, Frequency, Load Cell, Serial, High Current and High Voltage inputs, all with complete 3-way galvanic isolation between power supply, inputs and analogue outputs. Configuration set-up is via serial communications with our free user-friendly software.

The auxiliary or loop powered signal conditioner series provides rail mount low-cost non-isolated scaleable transmitters for analogue inputs. These units supply a linear 4-20mA output signal, with the transmitters providing onboard power supply for sensors.

Dual Alarm units provide relay outputs from one or two mA input signals.

HM series DIN size 43mm diameter head mounting transmitters are for PT100 RTD's, Thermocouple Types J, K and T, as well as for Potentiometer and mV inputs.

Model 9600 Loop Powered Isolators are for isolating 4-20mA circuits to prevent ground loops and protect sensitive electronics against surges. There are units with 1 or 2 isolators in the rail-mount housing mirroring the current into a maximum 500Ω load with 1KV galvanic isolation.

The 6004MF field-mount load cell transmitter is a self-contained, easy-to-use, precision, programmable, isolated transmitter and digital indicator for 8 different weighing functions, including belt weighers.

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