Special Tank Level Systems

In addition to standard systems, Instrotech makes custom Tank Level Systems for Stationary and Vehicle mounted liquid tanks.

Tank sensors may be fully encapsulated solid-state capacitive types, resistive types, or pressure based depth level transmitters.

Applications include remote diesel tanks with wired or wireless links to fill-points, fire-fighting water reservoirs, tankers and mining service trucks.

Some examples of purpose-made systems and controllers are shown below. Please contact us regarding the requirements for your particular applications.
Instrotech 1684 tank level systems
Dual tanks level system
Dual-tank fire-water levels
Dual battery-backed tank level
Battery-backed tank level systems
Battery-backed level systems
Instrotech flow and level systems
Battery-backed flow and level
Flow and Level with backup
Tank Flow and Level monitoring
Flow and Level Monitoring
Instrotech mulitiple tank level displays
10 diesel levels in 1 panel
Mulitple remote diesel displays
Instrotech diesel point level systems
Multiple diesel point-level displays
10 level displays in 1 panel
Instrotech wireless tank volume
Pressure based wireless tank volume
Remote wireless volume panel
Battery-backed solar powered level system
Solar powered tank volume
Solar powered tank volume

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