panel mount and field mount
panel mount and field mount
panel mount and field mount
with data logging functions
rail mount and field mount
surge protectors and junction boxes
Weighing amplifiers, indicators, and transmitters are available in panel-mount, rail-mount and field-mount versions. The range comprises Load Cell Indicators and Transmitters, Batching units, Loss-in-weight feeders, Bag-fillers, Throughput weighers, Dynamometers and Belt Weighers.

Model 6004MF is a field-mount IP65 self-contained multi-function weighing indicator amplifier with user-selectable modes for:

  • Bag filler
  • Belt weigher
  • Axle weigher
  • Dynamometer
  • Batch weigher
  • Throughput weigher
  • Load cell transmitter
  • Loss-in-weight feeder

Fully programmable in plain language with a main LED display and a 4-line LCD display these instruments have isolated power supplies and isolated analogue output as standard. Plug-in option boards include up to 6 relays and serial output.  SD cards for data logging with USB connectivity are standard, with optional GPS modules for mobile and mapping applications.

Instrotech also sells and supports a large range of Load Cells and mounting hardware.
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